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Here is a rare sex spell that the contributor insisted it works. This sex spell is to make the opposite sex be attracted to you. Here is what to do. For nine (9) nights in a row, you should visit the cemetery and donate a few coins to a fresh grave (a different tomb each night). It has to be a person of the opposite sex. All you have to do is implore the deceased by kneeling next to the grave. Implore the deceased to make people of the opposite sex be immensely attracted to you. Once you feel that you have expressed your demands enough, drop the coins next to the grave. Remember that you have to do this for 9 nights, with a different grave each night.Another good one among the vast amount of sex spells is this following one. This one can also be used by both men or women to make their partner want them more (sexually). It has been told that if you bury your urine in a small jar with some of your partners pubic hair, he or she will be eternally attached to you sexually.

This is a sex spell to cause the female to "need" you sexually all the time. It supposes to somehow cause a sexual addiction in her towards the man casting the spell. Obtain 2 of the woman's underwear and burn one of them. Use the ashes and bath yourself in it. The next one, burry it next to your home.

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