Let's talk about Pheromones! This page contains actual magic spells to instantly attract your targeted person and actual Pheromone recipes. You will find them both below, they serve the same purpose!

Did you ever buy a bottle of Pheromone? Did it work? No, not at all we bet! Mostly used to attract women, we can firmly say that Pheromones are not likely to work. Women have so many criteria when it comes to the men they want. A woman will not jump on a stranger and start ripping his clothes apart just because that stranger has Pheromones on. It may however have a certain effect if you are already in a relationship with a woman, as this means you would have already passed all of her "tests" that Pheromones alone cannot help you with. The difference between a magic spell and pheromones (we assume) is that magic spells are spiritual and pheromones are physical.
In other words
: A magic love spell is used for long term purposes, as in to attract the body and mind of the target. As for Pheromones, they are used to attract the target right then and there for intimante desires.

Here is a Pheromone recipe from a practitioner in North Africa, to cause any men to attract any women. Get a very young rooster and place it in a glass jar and fill the jar with your urine. You may need to urinate a few times to get it full. Then close the jar. When the rooster dies, undo everything (throw the dead rooster away from the jar. Break the jar and release the urine.) The objective is to drown the rooster in your own urine. That in return will empower you to attract females. On a funny note .... when we spoke to that practitioner, he told us that whenever a man who does this Pheromone passes in front of hens .... they do run to him.

Get an unwashed underware of a woman, cut a small piece and place it in your right shoe. it is believed to attract woman to you and make them want to release their secual desires on you.

Rub young cinnamon leaves at the back of yout neck (women) and man will lust for you.

Make a small chain out of black thread, hang a white feather of a dove in it. (tie it to the chain). Any woman you talk to is bound to listen to your desires.

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