Here are some interesting articles from us about love spells in general.

A look at love spells that does not involve any spiritual work. This reminds us of a real love spell we discussed with a famous spell caster in East Africa. He says to make someone (that you no longer love) leave the house one has to simply throw a dead black animal under that house (some african houses are on pillars). And, according to him, within 3 days the person would exit the house. I started to wonder why. Then again I realised that the smell of the rotting animal would get anyone to leave the house. So there you go, it could have been an animal of any color, any animal. So, some "spells" are simply logical actions, without any spiritual aspect to it. In that case if we view the process above as a "spell" then it does and did work. So, basically the spell caster's instruction got the job done. A real love spell!

Another example of a love spell that does not involve any spiritual work. In a case where a woman has left her man. The man approaches a love spell caster and seek help. Now, whatever the spell caster would ask him to do to get her back would become a "love spell". So let us analyze this issue in a different way. What if that man goes to the woman's father instead of a love spell caster and explains his trouble. The woman's father knows his daughter very well and would certainly know how to change his daughter's mind. And so he instructs the man on exactly what he should tell his daughter to get her back. He writes all of them on a piece of paper and gives the man and tells him to wait around 9pm and call her on the telephone. He does and tells her everything, as instructed, and he wins her back. So, was the father a love spell caster? Did he write down a love spell? No, once more, no spiritual work was involved.

An example of a real love spell using spiritual work, with actions most of us would not understand why it would yield result (most cases). A love spell caster tells his client looking to have a lover back (for example) to burry a photo of himself and his lover together with 6 eggs. Now, it makes us wonder WHY would this make her return. In these scenarios, one has to resort to "faith" in the unknown if he/she chooses to. Not everything that cannot be understood should be dismissed. In cases where you cannot understand the actions involved in a real love spell or any spell, this is when the spell caster is involving his or her spiritual work to solve your issue. Take for example of when you come across people speaking a foreign language, are they just making noise or are they communicating? In fact, they are communicating with each other and you simply do not understand their conversation. The same can be said for a spell caster, when you do not understand his or her actions it does not mean it is not logic, leave it to him or her, he or she most likely knows very well what he or she is doing!


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